Clayton Village Primary School May Day Assembly

Friday, 28 April – Clayton Village Primary School May Day Assembly and Parade

Once again Rainbow were delighted to be invited to be part of this lovely event.  We saw the May Queen and May King being crowned by the local MP, listened to a May Day song being sung by the whole school and watched some fantastic dancing by some of the pupils.  Bagpipers played several great Scottish numbers (good job we were in a big hall – there were 3 of them this year!).  We performed a couple of dances, then Judith gave a talk about morris dancing to the whole school.  Two volunteer pupils from each year learned the Festival Frolic, and everyone was shown moves for a processional dance.  This was performed in the park, following a parade through the streets of Clayton.  The pupils were polite and well behaved, and gave us all some sunflower seeds.  We hope to be invited again next year!