Amounderness Ladies Day of Dance, Chorley


 Saturday, 26 April 2014

Amounderness Ladies Day of Dance, Chorley
Chorley trip
Making an early start, we boarded the hired minibus in Shipley and made our way to Chorley, with our musicians, Ted and Terry, sharing the driving.  On arrival, it was good to meet up with the other participating teams and enjoy refreshments in the local church hall before making our way to the first of six dance spots in Chorley, a bustling and busy market town.

Following an excellent sandwich lunch back at the church hall, during the afternoon we continued to dance around the town, where we shared spots with North West morris sides, cloggers, Appalachian dancers and tribal belly dancers, culminating in a get together for all teams for the showcase Finale.

Back at the church hall, we took advantage of the delicious cakes provided by our excellent hosts before it was time to make our way back to Shipley, tired but happy.