Pictures from Ingleton

Leeds & Liverpool Canal Bicentenary 1816 – 2016


We danced in Bingley on Sunday, 16 October to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the completion of our local canal.

The heritage boat ‘Kennet’ was recreating the original journey from Leeds to Liverpool, and as it passed though villages and towns along the way, church bells were rung and brass bands played.

The barges were dressed in traditional costume and there was a flotilla of boats alongside.

The sun shone on the crowds in Bingley, there were lots of craft and food stalls and we all had a good time.

Ingleton Festival, Saturday October 1st

In the few days before the Festival we all watched the weather forecast with some trepidation. It was so bad that we feared the dancing would be cancelled – or even worse it wouldn’t be cancelled and we would get drenched.  In the event it was a lovely, sunny day.

We danced in the Churchyard with Crook Morris before lunch, unfortunately not drawing much of an audience as it was slightly out of the way. However,  the afternoon more than made up for it. Lots of people walking between the village, the car park and the falls stopped to watch as we danced outside the Falls Cafe with Flagcrackers.

All 7 teams then met up at the Market Square for 2 showcase dances each. The audience, including a large group of cub scouts, was very appreciative. The youngsters watched intently and several small boys thought it was great.

A very enjoyable day of dancing and we went home tired but happy!