Bev’s farewell 16th July 2013

A sad event as we said goodbye to one of our dancers who is moving away, but we joined with her other dance team, Wayzgoose, to give Bev a good send off. It was a lovely summers evening at the Boathouse in Saltaire.

Furness Folk Festival 12-14th July 2013

This was our only weekend away dancing this year – let’s hope we can double it in 2014!
We were invited by Furness Morris and danced as part of the Festival in various spots around the pretty town of Ulverston. On Saturday evening the concert introduced us to quite a few young local artists who were really talented. We all had a great weekend and the Festival organisers were really friendly and helpful – especially to me! I went over on my ankle in my clogs on the cobbles (not a good combination!) However, my enjoyment of the weekend wasn’t ruined thanks to the swift action of our guitarist getting my ankle elevated and iced up within minutes and the help offered by friends and the festival organisers driving me to Barrow Hospital, back to the campsite and supplying bags of ice!
I think we’d all go again another year – I certainly would.
(Sue Garratt)

Rae Gala, Northcliffe

A small team turned out for the Gala, but was well received by the audience, who joined in enthusiastically with a Festival Frolic.